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Latitude is a family fishing company that began in 1964 with Bert & Julie Boschetti.​

Bert Boschetti started crayfishing at the Abrolhos Islands and was based on Basile Island in the Southern Group of the Abrolhos.  Julie has always been a working partner in the business.

In 1981, the Boschetti's began prawn fishing in the Northern Prawn Fishery after building the companys first prawn trawler named LATITUDE.  After building two more trawlers, the PORTLAND ROAD and SOUTH PASSAGE in the 1980's, they became one of the big operators in the Northern Prawn Fishery selling prawns locally and exporting overseas.  The catches consisted of Tiger, King, Banana and Endeavour prawns.

Latitude opened a small store in Marine Terrace to sell its products direct to the public in 1989 and moved to their current location on the FISHERMEN'S WHARF in 1999.  The by-product of prawn fishing, Moreton Bay Bugs, Squid, Cuttlefish and Reef Fish fillets became great sellers in the shop.

The Latitude Group diversified to fish for Tuna and Swordfish and became one of Western Australia's largest seafood exporters.

Recently, Latitude has sold many of their vessels and licenses as a result of changes in the fishing industry.  Latitude now sources all its prawns and by-product from sources well known to the company, hence only the best quality product is sold at the LATITUDE DIRECT store at FISHERMEN'S WHARF.  We take great pride in supplying wild caught product.

Latitude specialises in fresh cooked prawns available everyday we are open, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

Prawn Trawlers
Bert & Julie
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